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The Annsation Water Filter System is now also available at the SALT CAVES in Maroochydore and Toowoomba or at the PATHWAYS WELLNESS CENTRE in Cotton Tree. Please find more information and the shop opening hours here:  

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What’s in YOUR water?

It is quite evident in today’s world that the water commonly available to most of us lacks in taste, purity and minerals. Did you know that most of the Australian so-called high quality drinking water is surface water collected when it rains from thousands of [...]

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Fluoride Reduction

Annsation’s Resin for Fluoride Reduction As a result of growing demand for filter media effective in the removal of fluoride in tap water, we decided to use a special resin from Germany for our Water Filter System. It is incorporated in our 5-stage filter cartridge, [...]

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Annsation at the Evolve Festival

We will present all our products at the Evolve Yoga Festival in Byron Bay on the 11th of January 2014. Come and visit us and try our healthy, energising water! There will be extra Specials for all Water Filter Systems, Silver and Maifan Stones. For [...]

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Hydrated kids are healthy kids!

Making sure your children get plenty of liquids helps them to stay healthy this summer. Children are much easier dehydrated than adults because their bodies don't cool down as efficiently.  During the heat of summer fluids are leaving the body through sweating a lot faster [...]

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