It is quite evident in today’s world that the water commonly available to most of us lacks in taste, purity and minerals.
Did you know that most of the Australian so-called high quality drinking water is surface water collected when it rains from thousands of square kilometres of catchment areas?
Other run-offs come from towns, streets, highways, mines, agricultural land and so forth.
The water undergoes a chlorine disinfection process where potentially cancer causing by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs) are supposed to rid the water of harmful micro-organisms.

Despite what many of us think, providing “healthy” water is not the responsibility of water distribution authorities or governments, their goal is to provide “safe” water. Water suppliers are legally authorised to add approved toxic compounds into our water to make it “safe” to drink.

Drinking tap water, we most likely won’t get sick immediately and despite the smell of chlorine we won’t know if the water contains any harmful chemicals. However, the long term health effects of contaminants and micro-organisms in tap water may be significant.
The average human body is about 70 percent water. About 85% of our blood is water and the brain is composed of 70% water. From head to toe, every cell in the human body needs water.
That is why the quality of the water should be just as important as the quantity. People with compromised immune systems have to be really careful about only drinking chlorinated tap water.

An easy way to make your water healthy to drink and to decrease the exposure to cancer-causing agents is using home filtering devices.

The ANNSATION Water Filter System provides tap water purification and mineralisation in 8 stages. While most common household water filters only use a single stage carbon filter, the ANNSATION Water Filter not only removes harmful water contaminants, but also adds back beneficial minerals. Using only gravity no plumbing or electrical connection is required. It effectively removes bacteria, reduces fluoride, eliminates bad odour and optimises the pH level of your drinking water.

With the ANNSATION Water Filter System common tap water becomes man-made mineral water.