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Annsation Water Filter System


How often do I need to replace the filters?

The Micro-Ceramic Filter should be replaced every 12 month.
The Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge should be replaced every 4-6 months depending on usage.
The Mineral Stones should be replaced every 3 years. (Soaking the Mineral Stones for 15 minutes in warm water from time to time is helping to reinvigorate them.)

What other maintenance is required?

Clean out the inside of the top and lower water filter tanks with a clean cloth and warm water once a month.

Why does the colour of my Ceramic Filter change?

Depending on your water quality, it is common for the Ceramic Filter to turn from bright white into beige or yellow.
It means that impurities, dirt and sediment are stopped for filtration, leaving the surface of the Ceramic Filter discoloured.
Simply scrub the filter on all sides with a soft brush and cool water. Scrubbing the filter will unclog the pores and expose a new layer for use. NEVER use detergents or other cleaners!

My system has slowed down when filtering the water.

If it takes more than 5 hours to drain water from the top tank, it is likely that the ceramic dome is slightly clogged with ceramic dust or impurities.
Remove the dome from the top tank and soak it in COOL clean water for around 30 minutes. (Do not use warm or hot water!) Then scrub the surface of the filter on all sides with a soft brush. Rinse the dome and re-assemble to top tank.

Why is my System leaking?

Check for cracks on the tanks of the water filter.
If the leak is around the Magnetic Tap, empty the tanks and slightly adjust (tighten or loosen) the nut of the Tap by a ¼ turn. Be careful and do not over-tighten the nut as it may damage the tank.

How can I order a replacement part?

You can order all replacement parts online

Is the plastic BPA free?

Yes, the Annsation water filter tanks are made from Styrene Acrylonitrile, also known as SAN and do not leach anything harmful.

Does the Annsation water filter system remove Fluoride?

Yes, the Annsation Water Filter System also reduces Fluoride (inc. Hexafluorosilicic Acid and Sodium Fluorosilicate) commonly used in Australian tap water. It is achieved through the filtration process in our 5-stage filter cartridge.